Kiwi Pride Mr Maverick

Mav came to me as a proven stud and during his time at Vineyard lived with me. He had never been a house dog before and despite the adjustments proved to be a big teddy bear. He was also a very 'new age' daddy- helping out with puppy care, playing with pups and spending literally hours gazing at the babies -even those that were not his!You can see him in the pics below looking at his babies as Shiraz feeds and in the whelping box with Maggie. He sired 4 litters in his time here and a 5th via AI after he moved to join Lighthouse Labradoodles in NSW. I enjoyed having Mav and he made wonderful contributions to my program however the experience did convict me 100% that permanent Carer Homes are in the best interests of the dog.

D.O.B: 27th May 2009

Size: Medium- approx. 45 cm

Grading: ALF3

Colour: Cafe'

Coat: Wool

ALA rego: Mav is not registered as I was not a member of the ALA during his time here

Health Results: Hips 1+1=2 Elbows 0+0

DNA: Clear of

Progressive Red Cone Degeneration (PRA)

Von Willebrand's Disease Type1

Litters Sired to date: 5 litters at Vineyard

~Tamaruke Chocolate E Clare 5 puppies 29/7/2011

~Tamaruke Chocolate E Clare 6 puppies 11/11/2012

~Vineyard Clare Valley 6 puppies 6/2/2012

~Vineyard Clare Valley 5 puppies 1/4/2013

~Shaggy Tumbarumba 4 puppies 15/5/2012

To the best of my knowledge Mav sired 2 litters at Kiwi Pride and 1-2 at Lighthouse

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