Tamaruke Chocolate E Clare

Shiraz- my first Labradoodle breeding girl. She and my pet boy Merlot inspiring the Vineyard name and will always be part of my family memories. Shiraz has now retired, staying with her Carer Family. Lucky for us we see her frequently at sporting events and other outings. She is the sweetest and most gentle of creatures but can she chase a ball! Shiraz has recently 'adopted' her grandson 'Jarrah Ace' into her family - he keeps her on her toes - the young!!!

D.O.B: 23rd June 2007

Size: Medium -approx. 43cm

Grading: ALF1

Colour: Lavender

Coat: Wool

ALA rego: Not registered, as I was not an ALA member at the time she was an active breeder

Health Results: Hips2+3=5 Penn .47 + .53 Elbows 0+0

DNA: Clear of Progressive Red Cone Deterioration (PRA)

Litters to date: 3

~Tamaruke William 3 puppies 9/4/2010

~Kiwi Pride Mr Maverick 5 puppies 29/7/2011

~Kiwi Pride Mr Maverick 6 puppies 11/11/2012

Planned Litters: None- Shiraz has retired and been desexed.

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