Meet Vineyard's Dogs

I am pleased to introduce you to ALL my breeding dogs- Present, Future and Past.

Click on each picture to get more detailed information including registered names, Grading, age, number of litters they have had, health tests and planned litters and where they live.

Regular Photo Frame = Fully Health tested Breeding Dog

Oval photo Frame = Future Breeding Dog - pending health tests- link will be completed on testing

*Retired dogs listed at the bottom of the page.

Girls Boys

Miniatures - Adult size: 35-42cm at the shoulder





"Chester" (Click my name)


Mediums - Adult size: 43-52 cm at the shoulder










Standards - Adult size: 53-63 cm at the shoulder











"Mav" -no longer at Vineyard.

Vineyard Lake Wanaka


Vineyard Hunter Valley


"Kallara Willow


"Amey's Mount Burrumboots


"Bella Lealta Misty Glen


Vineyard Tintilla


Swan Valley Demi


Vineyard" Waimea


Vineyard Riverbank Sparky


Vineyard Petaluma



Vineyard Labradoodles
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