All Vineyard's breeding dogs live in normal family homes

The families which adopt these Dogs as puppies are called
Carer Family Homes.

Families initially pay a reduced fee and also receive further refunds each time the dog is used in the breeding program

They live their entire lives with the Carer Family
Girls have just two Litters at Vineyard so are away from home only approx 16 weeks during their life- time and Carer Families get to visit as the pups grow.

Boys are usually away from home for a few hours for breedings

If you would love a dog for life and are interested in supporting an ethical and dog friendly approach to breeding you may like to consider becoming a Vineyard Carer Family Home

Email Leigh to get a detailed explanation of how the Family Carer Home system works. ONLY available to NSW families.

Carer Families can be singles, couples or families with children

Carer Puppies will be available from each of the litters planned for 2018

A Huge Thank You....

to the 20+ Families who are the Permanent Carer Homes to our Current Breeding Dogs and Future Breeding Dogs

And to the families who were Carer Family Homes and continue to enjoy their dogs who are no longer part of the breeding program.

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