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ALA - Australian Labradoodle Association recomend the site as part of your research into Labradoodles. I am a registered breeder and member of the ALA

RSPCA information on what the RSPCA regards as "Good Breeders" - links to "Smart Puppy Buyers Guide"

Positive Training links/blogs

Kalmpets - based in WA, their website has articles and helpful info.

Training BOOKS

Raising Puppies and Kids Together - Pia Silvani, Lynne Eckhardt

This is a great book for ALL owners not just families with children- should be a MUST READ! Available as an e-book from $11.99

Perfect Puppy in & Days- Dr Sophia Yin - $19.95

All books by Dr Sophia Yin are highly recommended

UTube - 3lostdogs- great general training, especially on avoiding having a hyper-dog

AKC S.T.A.R Puppy - Mary Burch, $14.95

This book runs through the AKA S.T.A.R puppy program which we do not have here but is a good read on what to cover with your puppy

# I do not recommend or endorse Caesar Millan or his methods of 'Training'. Dogs (and humans) need leaders who they can respect - not fear. Training methods that require force are potentially dangerous and ineffective for anyone physically unable to use them.


Below are some links to a HOW TO...clip your Labradoodle- helpful to provide to your groomer to avoid a "Poodle Cut"

Owners need to read the grooming information I provide and understand that the Labradoodle coat requires regular care to maintain. Choosing to keep the coat clipped in a style you can maintain and that fits you and your dog's lifestyle is more important than achieving the "Breed Standard" clip.

Royal Diamond Labradoodles - website contains videos of grooming and clipping - puppy coats and Fleece coats

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