Links and Suggested Reading

Vineyard Labradoodles Facebook

Children and Dogs - website with videos

Stop the 77 - Preventing pet dog bites through understanding

Australian Labradoodle Association-

RSPCA information Sheets
How to Find a Good Breeder Good Breeder
Smart Puppy Buyers Guide
Early Spey/ Neuter

DOGWISE e bookstore - a great resource for Positive Reinforcement Dog Training books including these suggestions:

Perfect Puppy in 7 Days- Dr Sophia Yin - Great author with a lot of resources
AKC S.T.A.R Puppy-Mary Burch
Raising Puppies and Children Together- Pia Silvani and Lynne Eckhart


Solutions Dog Behaviour and Training - a Perth based Force-Free Trainer with years of experience, a diverse backgroundin all things dog..and owns a Labradoodle!

Kalmpets- Veterinary Behaviourist Kate, Perth Based
Polite Paws- Force-Free Trainer Sydney
Amey's Puppy Pre School- Sydney

Pet Professionals Guild Aust - an Association of Force-Free Pet Professionals, has a directory of Trainers, Vets, Groomers who use Force Free (Positive) methods

Cooper and Kids- Melbourne -a Force-Free Trainer who has a special dedication to good choices for families with young children. lots of resources and links