Pet Puppy Application

This Application form is for families in who are READY TO ADOPT A PUPPY
Please complete the following application. It is long but enables me to provide you with the most suitable dog and information you may require. This form also provides the details I will require to place on your pups microchip registration.

Check as many responses as necessary in multiple choice questions to provide the most accurate picture of your situation.
* Name and Age of Adult applicant(s)
* Have you previously contacted Vineyard Labradoodles?

* Address, please include postcode. Please Note Contact Leigh at Vineyard on the Contact form BEFORE completing this Application if you are NOT a WA resident
Which Municipal Council Area do you reside in?
* Phone number(s)- in preferred contact order
* Email Address
* How did you hear about Vineyard Labradoodles? Tick as many as relevant

* Do you currently have children?

* Ages of Children - who visit or live with you. NA if no Chn
* The home you live in is..

If rented, how long have you lived there?
Families living in rented accomadation will need to provide me with written approval for a dog from the landlord/agent.
* Do you currently have other pets?

Please indicate if these animals will be expected to mix with your new puppy and how you plan to manage interactions.
* Have you owned a dog previously?


This section need only be filled out if you have had a dog previously AS AN ADULT or own one now

Please list dogs currently or previously owned as an ADULT- include BREED, SEX (entire or sterilised), Age and Where you aquired them from eg Shelter, Breeder, News paper, Gumtree Add, Friend/Family, Pet Shop
If you no longer have the dog (s) what happened to them?

Other Comments
Did you/Do you have any behaviour /training issues with previous or current dogs?

Did you overcome these problems? If Yes, how?
Did you attend any formal training with your current/previous dogs?

Have you ever trained a puppy before? Only refer to dogs/pups you were primarily responsible for as an ADULT

Have you had experience grooming a long haired dog, clipping nails etc?

What training Methods have you used previously?

Other Comments related to previous/current dogs.

The following questions must be completed by all applicants

* What are your reasons for getting a dog?

* Which of these methods will you likely use to train your new puppy/dog?

* My knowledge of dog training is mainly based on...

* I think a dog belongs.....

* Where will your puppy/dog sleep at night?
* How much time will you realistically see devoting to exercise/walking your dog? mins/hrs each session and how often over a week?
What will you do with your dog when you are away on holidays?
* Do you have any reservations about getting a dog?
My dog will spend it time...

* Where do you expect your dog to toilet?

* How long do you expect toilet training to take?

* What activities do you look foward to doing with your dog?
* Do you plan to crate train your puppy? Please epand on your anwer - Why? Why not? Please indicate if you are not familiar with Crate Training.
* Have you or anyone in your household had any charges or accusations of animal cruelty made against them?

* Have you or anyone in your household had to surrender a dog previously? This includes selling, giving it away, leaving with family/friends, pound or shelter or vet. Please provide details.
* Have you or anyone in your household have or suspect allergies to animals? Provide details
* Describe your house, yard, fencing? e.g unit/ suburban house/ rural/ townhouse/duplex- size of yard, shade, fence height/material
* Do you intend to take your puppy to Puppy Pre-school?
* What other training are you intending to do with your dog?
* How will you normally transport your dog?

* How long will your puppy/dog be left alone and how frequently? select the answer(s) that most closely describe your situation, include your travel time to/from work. Tick as many as required.

* My dogs grooming needs will be met by...

* Are you and your family willing to meet with the breeder and if requested have her visit the premises where the dog will be kept?

* Will you be prepared to employ the services of a professional Dog Trainer who uses Positive Reinforcement if required?

* Are you prepared and able to keep your dog up to date with vaccinations, flea , heartworm and intestinal treatments and tick prevention for its lifetime?

* Under what circumstances would you consider surrendering your dog?
Wool and Fleece coats do not noticeably shed but must be maintained. Labradoodles have continuously growing coats and require regular brushing/grooming and clipping. Hair around eyes needs trimming and ears need to be cleaned and checked regularly. Labradoodle Coats have many advantages but can not be considered low maintenance.
All my breeding dogs are DNA tested to guarantee they do not produce pups that will suffer from a range of diseases/conditions known in Labradoodles, Poodle, Labrador and Cocker Spaniel breeds but unfortunately predictive testing is not available for all illnesses/conditions. All parents are Hip and Elbow scored. Selective breeding can lower the genetic risks of pups developing dysplasia. There is a significant environmental component to dysplasia that breeding cannot control. Inadequate/ unbalanced diet, over weight dogs and, over exercising and inappropriate exercise such as jumping, repetitive exercise in young dogs are some environmental risk factors.
* I have read and understood the above information relating to grooming, hip/elbow dysplasia, and illnesses


Preferences for Size, Sex, Coat and Colour. Please see the upcoming litters to see if your preferred colour/size is expected.

Miniature- Average 40cm at the shoulder 7-13kg
Medium - average 46cm at shoulder 12-18kg
Standard- average 56 cm at shoulder, 15 -30 kg
Some variation to size still occurs as the breed develops but I will indicate the variants of each litter.
* Indicate preferred size as described above - if open to more than one size list in order of preference. Standard, Medium, Miniature
* Preferred Sex - Please note that desexed Male and Female Labradoodles do not show the variable natures between male and females that are evident in some breeds

There are 3 coat types FLEECE, WOOL, HAIR
"Fleece" and "Wool" are both low to non shedding.
These coats can be very tight curls or looser open waves. "Wool" feels soft- like lamb's wool ( but not greasy) and is usually curlier and "Fleece" feels more like an Angora goat and usually has looser open waves when long. Some coats are best described as half way between these two extremes.
"Hair" or "Combination" means the coat will shed to some degree and tends to look more wiry/scruffy - almost like a terrier.See the website for examples. Hair coats are lower maintenance and often require only minimal trimming and grooming compared to wool and fleece
* Describe the Coat you would prefer. Write in prefered order if open.
Would you consider a Hair /Combination (Shedding) coat?

* Colours- tick those you would accept (preference in next question)

if you have preferences within your selected colours please write the order First to Last here -
As part of my commitment to ethical and responsible breeding I require that all buyers agree to contact me if at any stage they are unable or unwilling to care for the dog. The dog must be returned to me unless I approve the rehoming they have planned. All contact details must be kept updated with Vineyard. Puppies and dogs must not be sold, traded or given away.
* I understand that in buying a Vineyard Labradoodle I will sign a contract obliging me to contact Vineyard and return the dog if at any stage I am unable or unwilling to care for it

Once I have received your application I will contact you to answer any further questions you may have and let you know if I am able to provide a puppy to you. I will give you an indication of which litter you can expect a puppy from and a rough time frame. It needs to be remembered that puppies are not an 'off the shelf' purchase and unexpected delays can occur if a planned pairing is unsuccessful or a small litter is produced. A non refundable deposit of $300 is required once I have contacted you. This will be refunded only if I am unable to provide a puppy within 12 months.
Full Payment is expected ( balance of $3200) when pups are 6 weeks old. This coincides with your visit to meet me, mum and the pups. Failure to ensure Payment is received within 3 business days of your visit will be taken as declining the pup offered and you will forfeit your deposit.
Deposits are non refundable if you change your mind . All payments are via Direct Deposit.
* I am ready to adopt and understand a deposit needs to be made immediately if I am successful in my application. I have read the explanation of payment terms above.

Full Pet price is $3500.
Transport interstate will be charged at the cost of providing this.
* I understand that the puppy will be desexed prior to my collecting him/her. A post operative appointment should be attended.
Any other questions, comments, additional information......
Congratulations you have finished!
Your application will be emailed to me when you press submit, HOWEVER, I strongly recommend you keep a copy just in case of a technical failure! You can either screen shot, copy and past into a word doc or print it now - this will prevent you having to start over should there be any problems.
Once submitted you should receive a brief thank you message- feel free to email me in 24 hrs to check if your application has arrived.