Visiting Vineyard

As all my Breeding and Puppy Raising is done in my home, Vineyard is not open to visitors on an ongoing basis.

All but one of the BREEDING dogs live in their CARER FAMILY HOMES so you can't meet the adult dogs before you apply.

Young pups are more susceptible to Canine Diseases so visits to my home are limited to buyers only.

When you purchase one of my pups you will have a chance to visit when they are 6 weeks old

To meet me and ask any questions
Learn more about Grooming, puppy raising and other Puppy stuff
Meet the Mum of your puppy
And of course meet your puppy and their litter mates

Full payment is not required until after this visit so you can rest assured that we are the REAL DEAL.

You can take a 'sneak peak' at examples of my set up below. I set up a little differently each time - I love shifting furniture !