Contact Vineyard

Here you can click on the required link to lodge an application for a Vineyard Puppy or make a general enquiry .

PLEASE make sure you have taken a look at our PRICES and AVAILABLE PUPPIES pages before contacting me to ask how much or if I have pups.

Application Process

1/ Complete Application Form.
2/ I will give you a call to chat and provide an idea of the waiting time.
4/ Approved applicants place a deposit.
5/ Pups arrive and I keep you informed.

Dont panic if you don't hear from me for some time - in most situations I like to have a rough idea of timing before getting your hopes up. From time to time I may send an email out asking applicants to confirm their interest- this is important since many buyers make enquiries with multiple breeders.

Pet Puppy Application Form

Carer Family Home Application

FACEBOOK -Great for keeping updated on growing pups but NOT the best way to Contact me


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