Family Care Homes

These Families kindly agree to participate in ethical breeding by giving

permanent homes to the breeding boys and girls.
My Breeding dogs are adopted, usually at 8 weeks into their forever homes. They are raised by the families in all practical ways as their own.
There are a few conditions such as feeding quality food and using parasite prevention medications that have tested safe for breeding animals.
Families must not have other entire dogs and able to keep the dog securely in their yard or home when the Family is out.
At around 12 months the dogs spend a day away from home, getting their Hip and Elbow x-rays taken. This is a good opportunity for me to spend time with the dog assessing their temperament and how they respond to me, the vet and around other animals.
Males usually spend no more than a few hours away from home for matings.
Girls have several visits to the vet for a simple blood test during a heat cycle in which they will be mated.

The Matings usually are done over 3-4 days with both boys and girls returning home each day. Usually only away from home for a few hours.
A quick vet visit at 4 weeks confirms pregnancy via ultrasound.
A week before her due date, the girl moves into my home . She settles in and prepares for whelping.
I will share the good news with the Family after the birth.
The girl's Family can visit after mum has bonded with the pups - usually 4-5 days after the birth. Stud families can also visit if they like.
Visits can continue as pups grow.
Once pups are weaned and no longer interacting with mum frequently, the girl will be ready and happy to return home and be the centre of attention in her Family again.
Girls are contracted to have just 2 litters.
At the end of the Breeding term both boys and girls are desexed at my expense and full ownership handed to the Family.