Commitment to Ethical Breeding

Ethical Breeding is........

Breeding in a manner which Respects and Cares for the wholistic welfare of the Dogs, their Puppies and the Families into which they are adopted

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* ALL Breeding dogs and bitches experiencing full, 'normal' lives in family homes.
- Not lives lived in enclosures at the Minimum Standards required by law.

* A Life -Long, genuine interest in the welfare of puppies /dogs bred.

- Not just a compulsory 3 day health guarantee and cash in hand.

* Commitment to giving individual puppies the best start to prepare them for life as family pets including socialisation, toileting and independence.

- Not breeding and selling as many pups as physically /legally possible in crowded clinical environments.

* Matching individual pups to their families to increase the likelihood of a lifelong partnership.

- Not selling pups like products that can be pre-ordered or selected off a website 'shelf'.

* Providing buyers with as much information as possible to help them raise a healthy, well adjusted dog.

-Not treating puppy purchase as an opportunity to 'upsell" other products or animals.

*Providing transparent information regarding the individual puppy and the Breeding Program. Including Pedigrees, Health testing, Number of dogs/puppies sold /bred, as well transparency of the Conditions pups/dogs live in every day.

- Not Litters listed without parentage, vague/non specific referral to "health testing" or without Health testing results provided. Undisclosed numbers of litters produced and
the exact Conditions and Staff ratios at the premises.

*Ethical Breeding includes taking responsibility for the way in which their program influences the future of the chosen Breed and the overall dog population. Ensuring only dogs with appropriate temperaments and good health are bred. Sterilising pet puppies shows a commitment not only to protecting the Breed but in the prevention of indiscriminate breeding.

At Vineyard

All Breeding Dogs live in Family homes- not kennels, pens or Runs.

All Breeding Dogs have DNA testing - Full Breed Panel - all genetic diseases /conditions known to the breed and available through ORIVET (not all conditions/diseases are DNA identifiable yet and complex inheritance makes some conditions impossible to accurately detect ).

All Breeding dogs have Hip and Elbow X-ray assessments.

All Puppies are born in my house, with me by mum's side the entire time. I sleep next to the whelping box for as many nights as required till mum
is confident and demonstrates her ability to get in and out without squishing the bubs.

Pups are raised indoors in my home with outdoor play times, active and rest times - with a similar routines to what they may have in new homes.

I have a strategic socialisation program that helps prepare pups to the many sounds, sights and experiences that will be part of their lives.

All Pet pups are desexed to prevent unplanned, indiscriminate breeding and protect the integrity of the Breed. "Pedigrees" are provided to all buyers.

Pet pup are rehomed with advice on which products would be helpful, loads of information and basics to help families get off to a good, safe start with house training, travel and training.

I encourage ongoing contact with families and also request families report any health issues /concerns to me so I can continue to improve my
breeding program.

I make a life long commitment to help should unforeseen circumstances leave a family unable or unwilling to care for the dog.

I do not adopt to 'just anyone' nor 'everyone' who applies. I am interested in the dog's future not just a 'Sale'.

I have been breeding Labradoodles since 2010, I have invested considerable time and money into research, resources and self education in areas of dog health, care, training, nutrition, genetics, grooming and good puppy raising practices.