Vineyard Breeding Girls

Here you can see the current breeding girls and their health results, ages, litters to date etc. Heath results that are not included indicates the dog is yet to have testing completed and so not yet ready to breed.

You can also see our Boys and our Retired Dogs

Ember lives with me as my very own.

Vineyard Flametree's Ember "Ember"
ALF1 - ALA Reg 015102401
D.O.B 20th April 2018
Standard 54 cm, 20 kg
Red, Fleece
Hips 3+4=7
Elbows 0+0
Penn .41 .42
Litters : Ember had her first litter of 6 pups May 7th 2021
and her second litter of 6 mid 2022. she is now pregnant with her third litter.

Vineyard Kimba "Bonnie"
D.O.B 2nd November 2020
Standard Chocolate
Hips: 2 + 2 = 4
Elbows:0 + 0
Penn: .31 .29
DNA :Full profile - all CLEAR
Litters: Bonnie has just returned home to WA after raising her first and final litter of 9 pups. She will now 'retire '- she is only having one litter due to having to travel such a long way from home to have her bubs.