All planned litters are listed here but subject to change and ultimately timing depends on mother nature!
I limit the applications allocated to each litter based on 4 week ultrasounds - this means your approved application and deposit may not be immediately accepted but it also means your family is less likely to be disappointed should a small litter arrives and there are not enough babies.
Keen to support Ethical Breeding? Have you considered adopting one of our Family Care Home dogs?

Only WA residents can join the waitlist at the moment.
No Interstate applications can be accepted until further notice.

Vineyard Flametree's Ember & Kalinas True Blue

Awaiting news to confirm Ember has conceived, she had a 'long distance relationship' (TCI) mid August
Sadly Ember did not Conceive so no pups in her near future - So many disappointed people and none more so than me ...Application forms are NOT available until we have good news


Std : 54cm, 20kg
Hips : 3+4=7
Elbows : 0 + 0
Penn : .41 .42
DNA : Clear
ALA Reg : 015102401

True Blue

Std : 59 cm
Hips : 3+2 =5
Elbows : 0+0
Penn : .26 .15
DNA : Clear
ALA Reg : 015501801

Vineyard Pandamonium & Alpen Ridge Scottish Highlander

Application forms are NOT available until we have good news
Panda has returned home after a rural visit with Scottie, and in a month we will confirm if she is going to be a mum again.


Std : 21kg
Hips : 1+1=2
Elbows : 0 + 1
Penn : .37 .38
DNA : PRA CARRIER, CM untested, Other CLEAR
ALA reg : 015102001


Hips : 2+2=4
Elbows : 0 + 0
DNA : Clear
ALA reg : 015300501 .