Vineyard Labradoodles
Gladstone, Central Queensland

At Vineyard Labradoodles the health, welfare and happiness of my dogs is paramount. I only place puppies in homes where I expect they will be loved for a lifetime and all my Breeding Dogs live in normal Family Homes for their entire life.

Who are Vineyard Labradoodles ?

I am ! My name is Leigh and Vineyard Labradoodles is a registered Sole Trader business. I am not a Kennel or Facility or Farm. My own dogs live in my home as do all my visiting breeding girls with their litters. Quality Breeding can be done in many ways but in- home breeding is my choice and the way I feel best prepares pups for their future lives as family pets.

Over the last 14 years I, my family and dogs have lived in Perth WA, Penrith NSW, Wagga NSW and now in the Gladstone area of Central Qld .

I have raised 40 litters since 2010 from 22 mums- so while an experienced breeder I remain fairly small scale, averaging just 3 litters a year - most girls having 2 litters or less before 'retiring'- meaning lots of individual attention to each mum and her bubs.

I have been committed to high standards of breeding since I bought my first breeding girl in 2008.

I have an open and transparent approach to breeding with all my breeding dogs, their health results and litters available to the public and accurate, unaltered pics of my dogs and premises.


All Breeding dogs - Full DNA testing for all diseases recommended by Orivet Genetics for the breed and

Hip and Elbows are x rayed and independently scored . Hips are Xrayed at 12 months or older and assessed usually by both Penn and CHEDS (AVA) methods. Elbows are assessed as per CHEDS (AVA) methods. I understand how to interpret and use the results to make choices in my pairings that have optimal outcomesfor each litter and the future of the breed.

Temperament: All Breeding dogs live in families
(not kennel facilities), so I know they have the right temperament for the purpose i breed them for.
I socialise my litters extensively and provide families with the advice and direction to continue this during the important formative weeks. I use and advocate current scientific and humane training. I am always happy to engage in discussions as to why I am committed to training methods that are not based in fear, misnomers of dominance and pack theory.

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